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I twittered about this earlier, but sometimes it feels as though talking about misogyny in this industry is like dealing with Groundhog Day: there seems to be a continuous reset, a collective male amnesia around the issue. As if, when a woman speaks out, it’s for the first time and everyone is shocked. Just shocked, I tell you. Sexism exists? OH MY GOD.
— Veteran writer Marjorie Liu on sexual harassment/misogny in the comics industry—and the collective amnesia that hits much of the industry every time the topic ever gets broached. (via robot6)

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Marvel Dreamcast: The Black Panther

Aldis Hodge as T’Challa, the Black Panther

Lupita Nyong’o as Shuri, Princess of Wakanda

Keith David as T’Chaka, King of Wakanda

Dayo Okeniyi, as Hunter, the White Wolf

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what if you could meet your celebrity crush but the cost was them knowing everything you’ve ever said about them in your tumblr tags


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3x10 || 5x22, 7x23, 7x06, 8x04

WHY DOESN’T IT HAVE MORE NOTES THIS IS SO IMPORTANT!!! Dean’s character development is spectacular and we should talk more about it. Although this gifset says it all

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maybe Steve could have made Bucky’s memories return by reminding him of his booty shorts phase


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  • KnitMeAPony: God I love that I live in a world where my best friend 2000 miles away can tell me about the deep serious metaphysical conversations about a cartoon spy that total strangers are having.
  • KnitMeAPony: Like
  • KnitMeAPony: Everything about that sentance is gloriousl

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Friendly reminder that in the Slovenian translation of Harry Potter, in order to properly anagram his birth name to an evil lord name, Tom Marvolo Riddle was changed to Mark Neelstein. *THUNDER CRASHES!!!*

Also, in French he’s Tom Elvis Jedusor, which I can’t even.

(fascinating reading on the various HP translations here.)

"For the Hebrew translation, some of the Christian references were changed, because Israelis have less familiarity with cultural Christianity than readers elsewhere: a scene in which Sirius Black sings a parody of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" replaced the song with a parody of "Mi Y’malel,” a Chanukah song.”

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if i had 3 wishes all of them would be fox giving marvel the rights to x-men

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Black Superheroes in Comic Book Movies.

I wanted to make this to show my appreciation to black superheroes. As you can see, it’s not a lot of them in Hollywood films. But, unlike DC, I can respect Marvel for featuring several black superheroes in their comic book movies. And we are still waiting on Black Panther, Green Lantern (John Stewart), Static and many more. 

 (click the images to view the character names) 

Will.I.Am character don’t count

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