"Usually, the law is applied this way: there is a quick check of the ID and a lifting of the face veil long enough to identify the wearer. There is a caution, or a fine. But in this case, the police insisted that the woman remove the veil completely before she could be let go. She refused. She was arrested, taken to a police station, stripped (her clothing, down to the underwear, removed with scissors), and beaten by male and female officers. She fought back, headbutting one of the officers. She was beaten further, by the agents of the open, liberal, tolerant society. The woman got a concussion, and was taken to hospital."

Teju Cole - Why Is This Man Wearing A Turban?

The news got to Molenbeek. Molenbeek rioted.

I support this Muslim sister. How dare you rob a human being of dignity like that? Where are the social justice speakers now? WHERE IS YOUR VOICE NOW?

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PSA to Muslim women: It’s okay for the agents of our Western ‘liberators’ to violently assault us. You know just like the people who colonized our lands for our own good and then raped and abused us.

Hey USG does this now mean you’ll wage an intervention so you can free the ‘oppressed and abused’ Muslim women of Belgium? 

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