Donna Noble, you’re the most important woman in the whole of creation. 

#all of my donna headcanons #all of my donna feels #they just come down to the fact that she got the shitty end of the stick #donna noble lives thinking that she’s inconsequential #and that she’s never been important #and that there’s nothing out there besides empty space #and she doesn’t remember how important she is #or how many times she saved the world #or how fantastically consequential she is to everyone. #no—instead she’s left with an age of things she can’t remember #and a niggling feeling at the back of her head that there is something more to life than this #donna noble deserved so much better #she deserved to die knowing how amazing she was #and that’s where the doctor went wrong #he assumes that quantity of human life is better than quality #and that living without knowing you’re important is better than dying with the universe in your head #and that’s frankly terrible (via mattsmithswhoppingpenis)

I dunno, I disagree with the idea that Donna would be “better off dead”. That’s pretty bleak, and also seems pretty reductive. Of course it’s sad and tragic and terrible that Donna can’t remember, and you can argue about the moral implications of the Doctor deciding for her, but the mere idea of her living having forgotten vs dying at like 35 seems… It seems strange to me to say “Donna was so great that she DESERVED to die”. What? No, Donna deserved to remember, but that wasn’t possible. Donna still has a fuck load of awesomeness and potential to give to the world with or without the Doctor and those memories, that’s the whole point of Donna. “She should have died” basically says that Donna sans-Doctor is worthless, which is just… what? Nooo.

I have seen this argument so many times and it fries me.  Donna Noble deserved the chance to live her life, make good friends, and get married like she wanted to. Marriage is not always the end all be all or what someone is looking for, but Donna wanted to meet someone she loved who loved her too and she deserves the chance to find that happiness.  Donna brought a light to the world, even without The Doctor.  She now has a chance to discover how amazing she is all over again.  Maybe her new husband will help show her (or helped show her), or maybe her mom finally stepped up, or maybe her granddad took that challenge to help her realize what she’s worth.  Or maybe she did it own her own.  Because even without the Doctor she is a feisty, intelligent, strong willed woman who can make her own way in the world.  She deserved the chance at a normal life.  

Saying that the Doctor should have let her die is an insult to Donna Noble.


See, here’s the thing.  She chose to die.  She made the decision, she made the call, she told the Doctor and he ignored her.  She said she didn’t want to go back.  She begged him not to take it away from her.  And she knew that the consequence was death.

And if you think ignoring her and making the decision for her and taking the choice and the autonomy away from her was showing her respect, and not merely being selfish, I submit that you are bluntly wrong.

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