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~ Wednesday, August 22 ~

dear people making avengers 2:




either have cap actually use his utility belt

or make him fight evil sans pants.

there are our demands.



I’ve come to the conclusion that Cap’s utility belt is entirely for storing snacks and travel-sized toiletries.

He doesn’t use guns, so it’s not bullets. He only has the one gadget and it’s basically a giant frisbee. He never once bandages up a teammate.

Ergo: Cracker-Jack and Old Spice.

headcanon accepted.

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    In the sequel he ups the ante to a purse. A patriotic purse. A patriotic manly purse.
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    He has a very fast metabolism though, he needs a lot of snacks.
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    You only get to make demands if you have leverage, so I’m going to kidnap Tom Hiddleston. BRB.
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