I had my doubts and reservations, but wow. A+, you bigoted fucks.

Thanks to my buddy Tim for bringing this to my attention. Keeping an eye on this for sure.

Literally no part of me is surprised


Which is exactly why I held off with the celebrations yesterday.

Why is it that so many people expect their opinions to be respected but are unable to respect others’ opinions? Leave Chik-Fil-A alone for Pete’s sake, whatever they do with the money earned is their business. In fact, why don’t you just raise money to counter the amount Chik-Fil-A is making and giving away. What if Chik-Fil-A was bitching about people using the money they earned to support LGBT orangizations, that would get annoying pretty quickly, right?

…. I don’t even have the spoons to deal with this level of naivete today.

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