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~ Thursday, October 25 ~
…the male breadwinner family that most people think of when they hear the word “traditional” was actually a historical fluke — a short historical time period after World War II when the age of marriage fell to new lows, the fertility rate soared, and for the first time in history the average man could support his family without relying on the labor of his children and wife. For most of history, women were co-providers with their husbands, on the farm or in small businesses. Today women have rejoined men in the workforce, partly by choice, partly by economic necessity. Wives’ employment is critical to most families’ economic security, and mothers who have rewarding jobs with some level of flexibility have lower rates of depression than other moms. But the fact that 70 percent of America’s children live in homes where every adult in the household works outside the home means we have to come up with better quality child care or preschool along with more flexible work options for more parents. We simply can’t pretend these challenges will go away if we could somehow send women back home.

Stephanie Coontz (via azspot)

I got into an argument with a MRA about this. He stubbornly refused to believe the fact that most women in most places throughout most of history have had to work and do dirty, dangerous jobs just as much as men. He had this silly man idea that the 1950s American housewife/male breadwinner model was the standard.

And, manlike, he failed to recognize that women not only had to plow the fields and all that shit, but they have also had to birth the babies, take care of the kids, cook the meals, clean the house, and do all that other endless labor that is never recognized as ‘real’ work because men are horribly stupid. Misandry forever.

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