Don’t tell me your hate isn’t killing us



Don’t tell me that the thousands of murders-by-surgery we call ‘gastric bypass’ and ‘stomach stapling’ don’t matter

Don’t tell me the thousands upon thousands maybe millions of folks suffering and sometimes dying because they were TOO FAT to be given equal health care and attention by a doctor don’t matter

Don’t tell me those kids dead by suicide because their family friends teachers counselors doctors mental health professionals tv movies magazines government officials diet companies told them they’re worthless because they’re FAT don’t matter

Don’t tell me those kids and adults being bullied stalked beaten raped murdered because their fatness made them seem like easy targets (since many fat folks are disbelieved and BLAMED FOR the bad shit that happens to them) don’t matter

Don’t tell me millions of lives half-lived in the yoyo-diet starvation stairmaster cage so folks can occasionally feel not worthless until the regain and the next diet and the cycle repeats itself and invites chronic disease with each turn of the wheel don’t matter

Don’t tell me because there’s bad shit in other places too I can’t care about this bad shit AND that bad shit or that the other bad shit cancels this bad shit because you don’t understand that fat folks are dying and suffering and most of it’s invisible and not counted as a TRAGEDY because they were FAT and they DESERVED it and BROUGHT IT UPON THEMSELVES

Don’t tell me this bad shit doesn’t exist because we’re so BRAINWASHED it seems NORMAL that fat folks are vilified on billboards posters commercials tv in school in the workplace at home and told we’re contagious diseased AN EPIDEMIC

Don’t tell me how much you hate people like me doesn’t matter because I have to hear about it every day it’s the thing I know best and it’s killing people like me

It’s fucking KILLING US

(this post is dedicated to the memory of Heather. RIP)

I am lucky that I have been able to fire doctors who won’t treat me without me losing weight.  I have been able to find doctors, nurses, and physical therapists who treat me with respect, and treat me as a person, not as a death fat tub o’lard.