I’m still digesting this, but the news seems incredibly mixed.

  • The research summary seems to indicate that while adults in the program (especially over 50) still agree with the policy, younger parents and kids do not, and that the attitude has shifted towards a more inclusive policy
  • They’re proposing a resolution where as a youth, you can not be kicked out explicitly for your orientation (which still has to be voted on by the members)
  • They are, however, keeping a policy that any sexual activity by a scout is wrong, which has the capacity to be enforced very unfairly
  • They are also keeping the policy that states that no adult leader can be out and homosexual.  I assume this is because they can’t keep adults from having sexual contact with other adults, and also because there is an icky icky gays are pedophiles bullshit thing going down.

I know that this news is already out there, but I don’t know that all four of these documents are, so feel free to pass this link around.