You forgot Nth-Dimensional Portalcrafting. Kinda obscure but it should be on your list

I already play Ingress!  It’s pretty much that.

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8bitian said: Kate Bishop, Stephanie Brown, Barbara Gordon, Jane Foster, America Chavez

Oof lord, you’re gonna make me rank these ladies?

1) America Chavez is so important to me I just can’t even begin to talk about it.  

2) Kate Bishop is my fuck off rock and roll queen and I just need that a lot right now.

3) Stephanie Brown is one of my woobie babies and I will not let anyone hurt her nor talk shit about her ever and do not test me on this

4) Jane Foster is just my Science Queen and I wish I’d known more about her in middle school because I needed that kind of role model

5) The fact that Barbara Gordon, fucking Oracle, is at the bottom of this list is telling me that you picked some of the finest ladies in comics.

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8bitian said: Oh boy I sure do love magical items

Modern magic for you, my friend: Polygon Pendant: This pendant is surprisingly heavy and cut into a shape so complex it almost looks like a fractal and perhaps even non-Euclidean.  Be sure to have a heavy wire tied to it before you begin to swing it, and spin it as fast as you can.  If you can get turning fast enough, the real world will not be able to handle impossible polygons at that speed, and any illusions within eyeshot will begin to glitch and pixelate.

8bitian said: Earthbender!

OOoh yes plz.

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8bitian said: Headcanon: you're secretly writing the TV pilot of a lifetime and it will be the most transformative show ever and it won't even get a little bit cancelled

Oh man, I wish. I WISH.

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8bitian replied to your post: You run a secret circle of spies, pretending to be fanpeople and actually infiltrating the entertainment industry. One day you will take over and give the whole thing a makeover. TV shows will be actually diverse and a lot less problematic and the industry in general will be more accepting of fanworks. There will also be a kid’s show about a knitted pony.

SHIT. *closes disguise kit halfway-through putting one on and bolts*

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Okay Chicago peeps. C2E2. April. Group cosplay on Saturday? What shall we do?

Gravity Falls and Avengers menswear both come to mind.

Song: Saul Williams - List of Demands

Blue List - Every agent knows about the Black List and the Red List.  Agents Stone and Wilson have an inside joke about their Blue List — people who’ve wronged them, not enough to want to kill or burn, but enough that given a chance, they’d take back what they were owed.  When Stone gets her hands on a classified database of agent information, they realize two things: one, it’s only a matter of time before they get burned for having it, and two, they might as well go out in a blaze of glory.  Theft, vandalism, revenge, catharsis, and glorious arson ensue, with a healthy does of embezzling so they have something to walk off into the sunset with.

Agent Stone (Retta) — One of the finest tech and weapons specialists the agency has ever had, Agent Stone enjoys a life of quiet anonymity in her two-flat with her books and her fish and her occasional one-night stand.  Her code name is Iris; she’s got codeword clearance on nearly every file they have.  She wants to retire to some far-flung country or island with no extradition treaty and live out the rest of her life like a queen — but things get complicated when she realizes she’d miss having Agent Wilson at her back and as a friend.

Agent Wilson (Richard Ayode) — Agent Wilson isn’t a master of disguise so much as he is a master of camoflage.  He can blend into almost any circumstance and no one gives him so much as a blink.  His codename is Hades; he kills careers, enemy agents and inconvenient lies with equal skill.  He’s never quite managed to bring up to Iris that he’d like to spend quite a lot more time with her, and as they reach the end of the Blue List, he realizes he needs to do it now before she disappears off to some island.

Chicago people!

What am I doing for new years?  There’s Tomczack’s party, but I’m trolling for moar.

8bitian replied to your post: Medical TMI about my sinuses

I’m right there with you on the sinus issues, though I’ve never been sure if it’s just allergies (I’m allergic to apparently damn near everything you could possibly inhale except for dust) or a combination of the two. I should probably get checked :|

I put it off for like, fifteen years and really regret it.  So y’know, if you can, do.  

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